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    Driveway Heating

    Waking up with driveways covered in snow and ice is a reality that most Canadians and people who live in areas with snowy conditions have to deal with on a frequent basis. Snow buildup on driveways are a constant nuisance that results in constant shoveling and salting of the driveway, often to mixed success. Frequently, if freshly piled snow is not quickly treated, the resulting combination of snow, salt and ice can be very difficult to remove, amounting to hours of hacking and digging; even snowblowers will sometimes find it difficult to get through heavy snow buildup. However, if untreated, a snow filled driveway becomes an obstacle and a potential hazard to its users, making it a necessity for homeowners to address this problem. Unfortunately, most solutions to this problem only offer temporary relief and need to be repeated when fresh snow inevitably arrives.

    Benefits of Driveway Heating

    Our product, the Easy Snow Melt system, are commonly used to install driveway heating that provide you several benefits:

    Increased outdoor safety and avoidance of injuries due to slippery surfaces caused by ice and wet snow

    Elimination of the tedious and back-breaking shovelling of heavy snow

    Increased value of property by adding this safety enhancement

    Increased life span of outdoor floor surface and structures by eliminating salt corrosion, frost damage, and potential damage from snow plows and manual snow removal methods

    Saved time and cost for manual snow removal

    Environmentally friendly compared to the use of salt and chemicals to melt the snow, which causes calcium chloride to run into rivers and watersheds

    Heated Driveway Systems

    Thankfully, there is a simple solution that brings constant relief of snow buildup in your driveway over the long winter season—the installation of a driveway heating system. Instead of a reactive approach like shoveling snow when it creates a buildup on your driveway, driveway heating takes a proactive approach by eliminating the problem before it starts.

    Popular Heated Driveway Applications:

    In Residential Properties :
    • Driveways
    • Walkways
    • Stairways
    • Patios
    In Commercial Properties:
    • Parking lots
    • Outdoor structures
    • Ramps
    • Loading docks
    • Commercial property walkways and stairways

    Heated Driveway Systems

    driveway application

    ground sensor application

    A heated driveway system will ensure that snow is quickly eliminated when it initially falls on your property, thus preventing it from building and accumulating. Through melting the snow at its core, there will no longer be any need for constant shoveling and salting of driveways in the early mornings or after work—reducing your workload and freeing up your time to do other more important things.

    Eliminate snow and your worries today with Heavenly Heat’s trusted driveway heating system.

    High on the Quality - Low on the Budget.