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    Our heating systems are extremely efficient, especially when combined with a programmable thermostat. It is a general misconception that electrical heating is inefficient. Heavenly Heat systems are far more efficient than other heating systems.

    Heavenly Heat manufactures and supplies electrical heated floor systems that are safe and durable. All our heating systems are accredited by third party reputable testing facilities such as UL, ULc and CSA. We regularly undergo surprise audits by these regulatory bodies to ensure that our products are safe and perform "as intended".

    We have a large variety of heating systems that are suitable for installation under any type of flooring. Please ensure to read the installation instructions that apply to your type of flooring prior to commencing the installation of the heating system.

    Our heating systems are designed to be installed under all types of driveway materials, including Concrete, pavers, and any other type of pavement.

    Requirement dependent, we are able to ship any size order the day after you place your order. Most of our orders are shipped via FedEx Ground unless otherwise requested by the customer.

    Heavenly Heat Easy Mat will raise the floor by 1/8 of an inch. This should not affect the height of the door or the height of the baseboards in the room. Also, such a minor increase in height would make it easy to level the new flooring to the existing flooring that might be in other rooms.

    It is called the Easy Mat because of the ease of installation. The Easy Mat is designed with a Do it Yourselfer in mind. No special tools are required for installation. We also supply a layout diagram with the product which will aid in the installation. Our Customer Service representatives are available 24/7 and will walk you through the installation step by step.

    All our heating systems are zero EMF, thereby there is no need to worry about adverse effects to the occupants of the room. We use tin to insulate 100% of the conductors within the cable and ground wire, thereby no Electro Magnetic Frequency is allowed to escape outside of the cable making safe to use in residential and commercial applications.

    Installed correctly, our heating systems will last a lifetime. The heating cable is in many aspects very similar to the electrical wire that travels through your walls (to provide electricity to the electrical outlets). Unless damaged, there is no reason for the cable to last less than a lifetime. Please note, that although we use the best thermostats on the market, the thermostat is the only vulnerable component in the system and would have to be replaced.

    The heating system works by transferring electrical current through a resistant cable, the heat is generated on all sides of the cable, thus warming the floor above as much as the surface material below. In order to achieve exceptional efficiencies we recommend to insulate under the heating system, causing all the heat generated to move towards the upper surface.