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    Floor heating systems

    Have you ever walked into a room, found the floor to be cold and uncomfortable, then went to adjust the thermostat on the wall— only to find out that the room was already sufficiently heated? This is the result of poor heat distribution causing an imbalance in the atmosphere of the room. Due to the natural tendency for heat to rise upwards, heat from the floor is not properly retained and escapes to the ceiling—leaving the floor cold and unappealing. The only way to fix this without a floor heating system is to make the room even warmer by ramping up the temperature on the thermostat—however, this is both inefficient and will result in a costly heating bill.


    Our products, the EasyMat and EasyWire, are categorized under electric floor heating systems that provide several benefits:

     Even temperature distribution

     Environment friendly – does not emit greenhouse gasses

     Does not dry the air

     Zero EMF (Electro Magnetic Field)

     Flexible temperature control – independent thermostat regulation for each heating zone

     Over time, less energy consumption and reduced energy bill due to efficient heat distribution, longer heat retention and  timer control

     Less home allergens – dust and pollen do not circulate

     It is invisible and does not make any sound

    EasyMat – Floor heating system installation is simpler and easier to install compared to our EasyWire product. It is perfect for either remodeling or new construction applications. The heating cable comes in ready-made mats with glue strips attached.

    Watch the installation demonstration by clicking the button below.

    This is a common issue that has plagued many homes and buildings, especially during the winter season; unfortunately, it is not an issue that many people properly address. This leaves us with many household and building occupants who are both losing out on the benefits of a warm and comfortable living space and atmosphere, while paying more than they should on their heating expenses.


    Heavenly Heat has a solution for this problem. EasyMat and EasyWire, our two electric floor heating systems, are designed specifically to evenly distribute the heat within a room. By retaining and spreading the heat evenly through the floor, our products can quickly transform a room from cold and uninviting to warm and pleasant by evenly redistributing the heat in the atmosphere. Never have to suffer cold feet again—read on to see the benefits of our product and bring warmth back into your living space today.

    High on the Quality - Low on the Budget.