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    Pipe Freeze Prevention

    Have you ever turn on the faucet in your household in the winter, only to find no water coming out? You may have frozen pipes. Pipe freezing in homes is not only an inconvenience, but also a potential hazard that can cost thousands of dollars of damage to your property.

    Pipe Freeze Prevention

    The most immediate and obvious result of having frozen pipes is lack of water access; the stagnant water in the pipes have frozen due to not being in motion for a period of time. However, the temporary loss of water is just one small inconvenience compared to what could potentially happen if the problem isn’t treated. Given time, the frozen water is the pipes will expand, creating leaks and cracks that can eventually lead to pipe ruptures. This can mean anything from the replacement for that particular section of pipe, to an entire flooded basement if the pipe burst is serious.

    There are of course manual methods that can be taken to thaw frozen pipes, all of which consist of adding heat to the pipes; however, none of these solutions prevent the freezing from occurring—they can only fix the problem once it has happened.

    Heavenly Heat has a better solution. Our pipe freeze prevention system, consisting of self regulating cables wrapped about the water pipes in your property at regular intervals, can prevent freezing from ever occurring in the first place.

    This way, you can rest assured that the water pipes in your home are always sufficiently heated, eliminating any need for worry during cold winter months.