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    Pipe Tracing - Pipe Freezing Prevention

    While pipe tracing may initially seem unnecessary, there are many ways in which it proves superior over other methods of overcoming pipe freezing. First, most pipe freezing solutions are just that—they are solutions to used in order to thaw a frozen pipe after the problem has occurred.

    However, they are not a preventive measure—they do nothing to prevent pipes from freezing in the first place. While occasionally unfreezing a frozen pipe in the winter months using a hot towel or hair dryer seem like a mild nuisance instead of a full blown hazard, pipe freezing can cause hidden damage that may result in larger problems down the road.

    Benefits of Pipe Tracing

    Pipe tracing is an early prevention method that provides several benefits to both residential and commercial properties:

    Prevent the disastrous effect of indoor flooding and damage from burst pipes

    Avert the loss of irreplaceable personal belongings, valuables, as well as important files due to water damage

    Save time and the inconvenience of dealing with the mess

    Avoid thousands of dollars of costly property repair from water damage

    Eliminate the possibility of making your property unlivable due to the development of toxic mold under your floors and inside your walls

    Protect your property by installing self regulating cables to your water pipes. Self regulating cables can be customized to accommodate just about any pipe tracing configuration.

    About Pipe Tracing with Self Regulating Cables

    The self-regulating cable is designed to adjust heat output as it responds to ambient temperatures, so you are guaranteed a safe, energy-efficient pipe freeze solution.

    pipe tracing self regulating cable

    While frozen pipes do not always burst, it is difficult to see what damage the freezing has done to the overall integrity of the pipe. There may be minor leaks and cracks that are just forming, and will continue to grow if untreated. These small infractions may then indeed lead to a larger episode if pipe freezing occurs at a later time, resulting in a costly damages and subsequent repairs.

    Pipe Tracing Application

    This can all be eliminated with the use of pipe tracing, preventing freezing and any damage from occurring in the first place. Think of it as both a preventive measure as well as a lynchpin in the safety of your property—that’s what makes pipe tracing a worthwhile and smart investment.

    High on the Quality - Low on the Budget.