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    Heavenly Heat creates a perfect heating mat - EasyMat. It is made from high quality heating cables, which are woven in to flexible strips.

    Easy mat

    EasyMat is designed for heating bathrooms, sunrooms, basement remodeling, or any other place where warming the floor provides greater comfort. EasyMat may be used as a surface warming system for specific zoned floor.

    Floor Structure

    The below diagram illustrates the ways to apply EasyMat heating system in different floor structures.

    EasyMat comes in three different heat requirement strengths 12 / 15 or 20 Watt per square foot, depending on the heat requirements of the room.
    Use 12 Watt per square foot for secondary comfort heating, while the use of 20 Watt per square foot is recommended for primary room heating.

    Flexible aluminum strips are used to arrange the heating cables in an easy shaped mat. High quality heating cables are woven into 16” wide mats which are between 10 and 90 feet long. The spacing of the wires is 3 inches apart. The flexible strips have adhesive backing in order to temporarily hold the product layout to the surface during installation. The cold leads are 12 feet long, for easy electrical connection.

    The cold leads are 14 AWG copper cable with a double layer of PVC insulation. Rated at 105C.

    Repair kits are offered for accidental damages to the heating element cable during installation.



    EasyMat operates on ordinary current, already in your home.

    EasyMat underfloor heating systems are perfect for either remodeling or new construction applications.

    The installation of EasyMat is easy, fast and friendly. The heating cable comes in ready made mats with glue strips attached.

    EasyMat installation does not require any material or special tools for installation.

    EasyMat radiates gentle warmth through a network of low profile cables just below the floor.

    EasyMat radiant heating element is 1/8” thick, so it will not affect floor levels.

    EasyMat flexible design makes it easier to work around existing fixtures or cramped floor layouts.

    EasyMat can be used as either Primary or Secondary source of heating.

    The floor temperature thermostats allow for independent regulation of each heating zone.

    EasyMat is delivered complete with installation instructions designed for “Do It Yourself” in mind.