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    Warming from the floor up evens the temperature to the ceiling. Underfloor warming does not dry the air. It allows the full use of the floor area. The installation of the system is easy and fast and does not require any special skills. Heavenly Heat products provide you with all the above advantages and more….

    Heavenly Heat warming systems are safe for you and environmentally friendly.

    Underfloor warming is environmentally friendly, because it does not emit greenhouse gasses. Underfloor elements are completely hidden in the flooring construction.

    Heavenly Heat warming mats heat through electrical resistance. The heat spreads through the flooring and retains the heat, transmitting it evenly through the room. Optional insulation under the mats and Heavenly Heat floor temperature sensing thermostats provide greater efficiency. Radiant heating warms all of the surfaces in the room and provides an even temperature from floor to ceiling.

    Efficiency and comfort
    The heat spreads evenly through the room while warming the surface making the room comfortable at a lower air temperature.
    Timers allow for warming only when the room is used.
    The system does not dry the air.
    The system is invisible and does not make any sound. The only visible element is the thermostat.

    The system is sealed in the flooring cement, eliminating the danger of being exposed to Carbon Monoxide gasses.

    The system does not take any room space, it does not interfere with furnishing layouts.

    The floor temperature thermostats allow for the independent regulation of each heating zone.

    The system is friendly and offers fast and easy installation as a ready-made mat, with glue strips attached.