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    Electric System


    Electric systems are normally very inexpensive to install. Heavenly Heat provides electrical systems that are geared towards Do It Yourselves and thereby avoiding all installation costs.

    The major advantage of the electrical system is that the initial cost of the system and installation is the lowest among all the various alternatives.

    The life expectancy of an electric system is between 200-300 years. The only component of the system that requires replacement is the thermostat which has a life expectancy of 12 years. The replacement of the thermostat is easy and simple.

    Electrical systems DO NOT require any ongoing maintenance.

    Electrical systems would normally increase the flooring height by only 1/8" -3/8" which does not affect door heights, baseboard heights etc.

    Since there are no mechanical components the system operates quietly without any noise. Both the Hydronic and Air Systems generate a certain level of noise as pumps and fans are used to move the heat through the system.