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    Radiant Floor Heaters

    For the best and most efficient way to heat up the floors of your property, look no further than radiant floor heaters. Radiant floor heaters are effective in controlling the temperature of a room and making it optimal for its users through addressing the problem at its core.

    Radiant Floor Heaters

    Whereas normal heaters in a room can also heat up a room to a certain degree, there is energy and wasted due to uneven distribution. A space heater, for example, will have more heat concentrated in the proximity of the heater itself—the further you are from the heater, the less heat will be retained. This causes uneven heat distribution that does not effectively solve the issue of cold floors.

    Heavenly Heat’s radiant floor heaters take a different approach. The floor heater system is installed below the surface of the floor, covering the entire area and thus evenly distributing heat throughout the surface. By generating heat from the floor up, this counters the nature tendency for heat to rise upwards and away from the floor. The result is a room that is warm from top to bottom, without any hot or cold spots. This makes for an environment that is perfectly comfortable for its occupants—something that is a welcoming and inviting prospect in the cold winter months.