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    Radiant Floor Heating System

    Heavenly Heat’s radiant floor heating systems are an excellent way to keep your home warm during the winter months, while also providing numerous additional benefits.

    Radiant Floor Heaters

    With a proper radiant floor heating system, one can ensure that heat is evenly distributed within the room, from top to bottom. Rooms without a floor heating system will often have cold floors, despite their supposed warm room temperature—this is due to heat’s natural tendency to rise, causing heat to escape the floor and gather by the ceiling. This is an ineffective use of the heat in a room, and can result in inflated heating bills due to a futile attempt to further heat up the room in order to compensate for the cold floors.

    By using a radiant floor heating system, heat will be generated on the floor, thereby heating up the entire room equally through heat’s nature tendency to rise. Additionally, this does not dry the air by blasting hot air into a room, keeping it humid and comfortable for its occupants. By not using a single external source to push hot air around the room, it also reduces the movement of home allergens such as dust and pollen. The result is a room that is evenly and comfortably heated without the need for constant monitoring, as well as reduced energy consumption for the entire household.