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    Roof De-icing

    When it comes to snow and ice buildup, we often think of the snow and ice on the ground. After all, snow and ice buildup on the ground is the most common hazard we face during the winter months. However, there is another location where ice and snow buildup occurs that can cause potential problems for your household if left untreated—the roof.

    prevent ice dams

    Untreated snow and ice buildup on the roof can cause ice dams to form in the gutters, dangerous icicles that may fall at any moment, and water damage that result in mold growth. All of these problems become difficult and costly to repair over time; most removal methods require manual labour or the use of chemicals for complete elimination of the problem. Due to the precarious nature of the roof, it is necessary for most homeowners to hire professionals to undertake the snow removal process; however, this is often a difficult, time–consuming and ultimately temporary process that needs to be repeated every winter.

    There is a better way. Using Heavenly Heat’s de–icing cables will eliminate the problem at its core by getting rid of any and all snow buildup through the simple application of heat, melting any snow or ice that might cause problems for the roof of your home.

    Read on below for the immense benefits of roof de–icing cables, and its numerous advantages when compared to other roof de–icing alternatives.

    Benefits of Installing Roof De-icing Cables

    Prevent expensive roof, shingle, eaves troughs and gutter damage from ice dam buildup

    Increase outdoor safety and property value by adding this maintenance free and safety enhancement to avoid injuries from falling ice and icicles

    Save time and huge cost of professional ice dam removal

    Eliminate damage from manual methods of removal by using tools, such as hammers, shovels and scrapers which can damage roofing materials and structure

    Extend the life of your roof by eliminating the discoloring of shingles, break down of membranes and corrosion of drains from chemical de-icing

    Environmentally friendly versus chemical de-icers that flush down the roof drains and runs into the ground seeping through the soil which in turn damages your grass and plants.

    Roof de-icing cables can be customized to accommodate just about any roof type and configuration

    Roof De-icing Cable Installation

    Roof de-icing cables are installed in drain path to melt ice and snow allowing clear drainage from the roof through to the gutter and downspout. Can also be installed on the roof edges on top of the shingles. Roof de-icing cables radiate heat to melt the surrounding snow and ice. It operates automatically to trigger the system on when it senses precipitation and freezing temperatures.

    Roof De Icing App

    The roof de-icing system is energy efficient, turning on only during periods when it is necessary thereby reducing wasteful energy consumption. Ideal for new and / or remodeling for existing roofs.

    Roof De-icing Solutions

    Easy Roof-Deicer


    Your home is your biggest investment. Protect it while you save. Prevent the headache of possible structural damage caused by ice dams and dangerous icicles. Invest in roof de-icing solution and get your quote today!

    High on the Quality - Low on the Budget.