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    Snow Melting System

    As a Canadian company, we know first hand exactly how unpredictable and overwhelming the winter season can be.

    One of our constant tasks in the winter is to keep our outdoor spaces free of snow—from driveways and stairs for residential homes to parking lots and walkways for commercial properties, there’s always snow, slush and ice piling up every which way. While this is one of the expected novelties of living in the North, it also causes numerous potential problems for users and owners of these outdoor spaces.

    Snow Melting System

    Snow and general winter buildup in high traffic and frequently traveled areas can cause obstructions—getting your car stuck in the driveway due to a heavy overnight snowstorm, for example— and also accidents due to its slippery nature. These consequences of snow buildup are harmful, time–consuming, as well as costly and energy draining.

    Luckily, there’s a simple solution to reducing snow buildup on your property: by investing in a snow melting system. Heavenly Heat’s electric snow melting system will immediately and drastically reduce the amount of snow that resides on your property, making constant shoveling and salting a thing of the past.

    Activated through detection of precipitation and freezing temperatures, this energy efficient method of snow removal will reduce your workload, save time, increase safety as well as extend the life of your property’s outdoor surfaces by reducing ice and frost damage. Take a look below and see what our snow melting system can do for you.

    Our product, the Easy Snow Melt cables are designed specifically for outdoor use and can be retrofitted underneath most outdoor floor surfaces.

    Benefits To Installing a Snow Melt System:

    Reduce the potential for accidents due to slippery surfaces caused by ice and wet snow

    Eliminate the tedious and back-breaking work of shovelling of heavy snow

    Increase value of property by adding this safety enhancement

    Extend the life of outdoor floor surfaces and structures by eliminating salt corrosion, frost damage, and potential damage from snow plows and manual snow removal methods

    Save time and cost from manual snow removal

    Environmentally friendly compared to the use of salt and chemicals to melt the snow, which causes calcium chloride to run into rivers and watersheds

    How Snow Melting System Works:

    Put simply, the electric snow melt cables radiate heat to the surface enough to melt snow and ice. It operates with an automatic activation device that will trigger the system on when it senses precipitation and freezing temperatures.

    Stairway Application Snow Melting Systemdriveway application snow melting

    Common Snow Melt System Installations

    In Residential Properties:

    • Driveways
    • Walkways
    • Stairways
    • Patios

    In Commercial Properties:

    • Parking lots
    • Outdoor structures
    • Ramps
    • Loading docks
    • Commercial property walkways and stairways

    Avoid those painful accidents caused by slips and falls by investing in a snow melting system and prevent potential consequences of liability. Get your quote today!

    High on the Quality - Low on the Budget.